Touch Panel Vacuum Laminating Equipment factory

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Our History
Shenzhen SUNSOM was founded in 2006, 2009 set up a branch office in Hong Kong, in 2015, due to the doubling of business, SUNSOM set up a over 20000 square meters plant in Yiyang, Hunan. SUNOSM was awarded the national hi- tech enterprise in 2013
Our Factory
SUNSOM dedicated industry automation equipment for more than 12 years, we have a professional technical team constantly focus on R & D. Equipment with versatility, accuracy and other characteristics, has won many national technical patents. Our mission is to build the industry's brand, take the forefront of technology, promote reform and innovation.
Our Product
SUNSOM provides LCD full range of equipment, including maintenance and production equipment, also providing industry non-standard custom equipment.
Product Application
LCD screen assembly and maintenance equipment, capacitive touch screen maintenance and production equipment, other non-standard custom equipment
Our Certificate
SUNSOM won the national high-tech enterprises in 2013, moreover SUNSOM won the most influential and the most outstanding contribution in LCD industry in 2015, at the same year, SUNSOM successfully listed in Qianhai, Shenzhen.
Production Equipment
SUNSOM has maintenance machines which are lathes, grinders and milling machine. In case of any accidental timely modification of machine parts.
Production Market
We have clients worldwide, including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, and Middle East and so on.
Our service
We provide detailed product information and working video, complete technical training, on-site service and so on. Touch Panel Vacuum Laminating Equipment factory


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